John Ridding's Traveller's Tale

on 14/11/2016

John Ridding’s Traveller’s Tale



John Ridding is the Chief Executive Officer of the Financial Times. He has been with the FT for more than 25 years in both editorial and executive positions. Under his stewardship the Financial Times has expanded its global operations and has gained a wide reputation for boldness and innovation, with new digital channels taking the FT to record levels of readership. 

Here Dom Reilly chats with John to find out some interesting insight into his travels.

What's your favourite holiday destination and why?
Kuda Huraa in the Maldives. Perfect glassy waves for surfing, great  scuba-diving.

Where in the world would you like to go that you haven’t been already?
I haven’t made it to New Zealand yet – and the outdoors look outstanding.
What’s your preferred mode of transport?
I have an old Citroen DS. It’s like driving a cloud.

Do you have a favourite hotel?
I have many. But right now it would be good to be above the Pacific at the Post Ranch Inn, off Highway One.

What do you always travel with?
My iPod and its playlists.
What's your top tip to beat jet lag?
Less wine on the flight and running when I land. I’m better at the latter…
Who has been your greatest influencer?
There have been many, and will be more.  But my school history teacher was an early force…
It’s often said that life’s a journey – all be it a one-way ticket.  If you could return as one thing or one person, what or whom would that be and why?

The thing would be a dolphin and the person would be a Jazz king – possibly Duke Ellington. 

Who is the most interesting person that you have sat next to on a plane?
Lizzie and my family. Apart from that, I keep private on planes.
Who (living or not) would make the most interesting dinner table guests? (Table of 8)
Duke Ellington
David Attenborough
Cormac McCarthy
Billie Holiday
Margaret Atwood
Jackie Kennedy
Michelle Obama

What is your advice for balancing work and family life?
Holidays without screens

Quick Fire Questions…

Fry up or cereal? 

Coffee or tea? 

Champagne or beer? 

Sand or snow?

Sea or swimming pool?

Football or rugby ball?

Smart or casual?

Shoes or trainers?

Newspaper or tablet?

Novel or movie?

Thanks so much John!
John Ridding travels with his Dom Reilly weekender.


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