Suzi Perry's Traveller's Tale

on 07/05/2015

Suzi Perry's Traveller's Tale

A Wolverhampton girl through and through, Suzi Perry started her career as a model and actress working in the Far East and filming TV commercials.  In 1997 she contacted Sky TV about doing some TV work and she hasn't looked back since.  Suzi is now a regular on our TV screens and is currently the anchor for the BBC's Formula One coverage broadcasting alongside Eddie Jordan and David Coulthard every other weekend from far flung destinations around the world.

Here we talk to Suzi about her travels and adventures as one of Britain's best-loved TV personalities.

How did you first meet Dom Reilly?
I met him in Monaco "Daaaahrlink".  Seriously, we did actually meet in the Williams Martini Racing motorhome in Monaco.  Dom was hosting a fancy cocktail reception to show off some of his new bags and as you can imagine, an invitation to look at some luxury leather bags and enjoy a cocktail in Monaco is not something a lady turns down.

You travel a great deal with work covering the Grands Prix around the world, but outside of work what's your favourite holiday destination and why?
Africa. I’m animal obsessed. If I could take a safari on an annual basis, I would. I adore the environment, and to be a tiny part of nature. Sleeping outdoors is also a wonderful experience when you can look up to the stars and listen to the night sounds. Cape Town is probably a highlight for me. The combination of the glorious coastline, sea-food, wine and local wildlife is always a winner for me.

What was your highlight of working in Japan as a young model?
Growing up. It was really the first time that I had lived away from home and so far away! Back in the early 90’s Japan was a very different place to now. It was so far removed from the West, it felt like I had landed on another planet. I worked hard and played hard, met some fascinating people and fell in love with a culture that has remained with me all my life. I’m beguiled by Geisha and some of my favourite cuisine is Japanese. I was very fortunate to have such a terrific experience at such a young age and now I get to go back every year!

What are your favourite websites and why?
Not the ones I use for work! Sadly I don't really get too much browsing time, but if I do then I love fashion, travel, technology and home design so some of my bookmarks include Armani, Barbour, Belstaff, Gucci, Reiss, Russell and Bromley, Made, Lady Geek and Conde Naste

What do you always travel with?
My passport and my Dom Reilly purse, which I absolutely love.  Oh and I never leave home without my F1 pass (!) my Oakley sunglasses, iPhone and a small packet of almonds!

What's been your most memorable adventure with Eddie and David?
I loved our drive from Turin to Monza last year. We started the day at the old Lingotto, Fiat test track on the roof, then drove, via Milan to the old banking at the Monza circuit. It was such a treat to drive along the steep banking together sandwiched between DC and EJ, not knowing if I would finish the day unscathed! We have had various adventures in India, the US and Europe but this Italian job was my fave.

What's the most memorable gift you've been given recently?
As if I get gifts on a regular basis! HA! My husband recently gave me a beautiful pair of earrings from New York, they are gorgeous.

What's your style tip for any aspiring TV presenter?
Wear what suits you, not necessarily what’s gracing the latest fashion spreads. More is less.

You can learn more about Suzi Perry at follow her on twitter @suziperry.

See the purse that Suzi fell in love with.


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