Michael Caines' Traveller's Tale

on 13/05/2013

Michael Caines' Traveller's Tale

Michael Caines, MBE, is a legendary two Michelin star chef.  Regarded as one of the finest chefs in the UK, Michael has won numerous awards and has featured on several TV cookery shows from Masterchef to Saturday Morning Kitchen.  He is executive chef at Gidleigh Park in Devon as well as being the inspiration behind the cuisine of over ten boutique hotels around the UK.  In addition, he is the celebrity chef of the iconic Williams F1 Team.  His day-to-day life sees him criss crossing the country every week and visiting several Grand Prix circuits around the world

 Here’s how he does it…

What's the one luxury you always travel with?

I always take my ipad with me and, these days, I also always carry it in my Dom Reilly ipad case of course!

What is your favourite mode of transport?

I actually really like travelling by train.  It’s reasonably hassle free – when it’s on time –and it allows me some time to get things done without being disturbed.  Of course nothing beats being in your own car as well but it’s not necessarily productive time.  If I had the resources I’m pretty sure a private jet and helicopter would be nice.

Who's been the most interesting person that you have cooked for?

Gosh, there have been so many interesting people and that is one of the privileges of my job.  I’d have to say one of the most interesting events I did was cooking at No 10 Downing Street for the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair and his VIP guest the Prime Minister of Poland.  That was a surreal experience but thoroughly enjoyable.

You are the celebrity chef for the Williams F1 Team now and you get to go to a few races a year, what is the one story you remember most about your Grand Prix experiences?

I love Formula One so naturally I enjoy every race I go to.  It is always lovely to see Sir Frank as well and I enjoy cooking for him from time to time although it’s normally something simple like a tasty soup.  He doesn’t much like rich or fancy food.  Having said all that, one of the best experiences I ever had was being taken on the grid just before the race at the British Grand Prix a couple of years ago.  That was incredible.  A truly memorable experience.  Not many people get to stand amongst all those cars, drivers and celebrities with minutes to go before the start of the race.  I guess you could describe it as like walking on to the pitch just before the World Cup final.  There’s hundreds of thousands of spectators in the stands and 200 million TV viewers watching on telly.   What a buzz!

Michael Caines MBE - Executive Head Chef, Gidleigh Park

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