High-performance zip technology

on 15/10/2013

High-performance zip technology

Metallic components used in the gear ratios of the Williams F1 Team, are coated using Diamond Like Carbon (DLC).  This coating is only 3 microns thick (by comparison a post-it note is 30 microns thick) however it has diamond-like properties that act to reduce friction and extend the working life of the gear ratios.

DLC properties include wear and abrasion resistance, low friction, high hardness and corrosion resistance.

Dom Reilly wanted to use this same principle to ensure that the zips used in his bags had the same level of engineering built into them so he went in search of the most highly engineered zips in the world.

All of the Dom Reilly luxury bags use some of the best zips available.  Each individual tooth is polished for 18 hours, then washed for six hours to give it a perfectly smooth finish.  Then each component is electroplated with microscopic layers of metal to provide colour and additional strength.  

Just like in the Williams F1 Team’s gearbox components, this attention to detail makes the Dom Reilly zips smoother and longer lasting than conventional zips.  They enjoy lower friction and therefore can run at higher speeds with a significantly longer life.



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