Top tips for getting an upgrade

on 20/03/2015

Top tips for getting an upgrade

We've all tried to get an upgrade from time to time. Check-in staff hear some great excuses.  These are genuine examples...

"Please, it's our honeymoon"
"I'm claustrophobic and need more space"
and my personal favourite "Man Utd lost and I am really upset"

The truth of the matter is there is no way of guaranteeing an upgrade but these tips will help.....

 1.  Fly busy routes, the fuller the flight the more likely you will be bumped up a class.

2.  Fly premium economy.  This gives you a greater chance of getting upgraded into business class if the flight is full.

3.  Join the frequent flier programme.  Airlines reward loyalty and upgrade their premium customers first.  You will also get to use the lounge if you have the correct status, irrespective of which class you are flying.

4.  Travel alone.  More often than not, single travellers will get the seat at the front of the aircraft.

5.  Be courteous.  I like to think that check-in staff have a secret code to reward polite and engaging travellers.  So be nice, if nothing else it makes travelling more pleasant.... even if you don’t get upgraded.

6.  Look Smart.  You're less likely to get upgraded wearing shorts and sandals.  

So make sure you are smartly dressed and better still, carry a luxurious bag like our weekender or briefcase.


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