Monaco Grand Prix survival guide

on 14/05/2014

Monaco Grand Prix survival guide


The Monaco Grand Prix is nearly upon us. It is one of the greatest sporting events in the world. It is brilliant, expensive, glamorous, exciting, exhausting and enthralling all at the same time.

The event lasts for a full four days and four nights and there are a few essentials that any self-respecting gentleman needs to have with him.

In my Dom Reilly weekender you will find:

A fist full of Dollars, Euros and a stack of credit cards: All in my Dom Reilly travel wallet of course. It’s an expensive weekend!

Ear plugs: Not for the noise of the cars in this age of hybid power units, but more to drown out the noise of the all-night yacht parties.

Sun cream: Nothing looks worse than a bright red face amongst the bronzed millionaires of the Cote D’Azur.

Sun glasses: To shade your eyes from the sun and also hide your blood shot eyes from the night before! No one minds if you wear your sunglasses indoors or even at night time in Monaco.

New socks: Most luxury yachts require you to remove your shoes. Don’t have holes in your socks. Alternatively go continental and don't wear socks!

Berocca: The miracle cure for all F1 die-hards. A vitamin and energy boost to see you through the long days and even longer nights.

And my final tip... Aqua di Parma - my favourite brand of aftershave. Subtle but spectacular and reassuringly expensive.

The Dom Reilly weekender and travel wallet are available in our shop.


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