Michael Johnson Performance Bag

on 23/09/2014

Michael Johnson Performance Bag


Michael Johnson won 13 Olympic and World Championship medals – all of which were gold!

He currently still holds the World and Olympic records in the 400 m. He also held the World and Olympic record in the 200m for 16 years until Usain Bolt broke his record at the Beijing Olympics. He remains to this day, considered one of the greatest and most consistent sprinters in the history of track and field.

When Michael tasked Dom to design a bag for him, Dom knew to expect a demanding wish list. The resulting collaboration has created a multi-purpose bag designed to satisfy several distinct events.

To explain, Michael’s wish list for his perfect travelling bag was based around his average day. This often includes a trip to the gym, a TV appearance, a conference, a business meeting, a dinner and a stay at a hotel. He wanted one bag to satisfy all these occasions. The bag also needed to be stylish, elegant and luxurious as well as practical and lightweight.

The finished “Michael Johnson Performance” bag delivers everything on the wish list and more. It literally has a silver lining, a waterproof one, making the interior of the bag light and bright and therefore easier to find things. The exterior is also water resistant - made of the finest luxurious full grain leather, with smooth leather handles and trim.

To keep the weight to a minimum, the bag features panels made from the highest quality Italian nylon. Inside there are separate pockets for an iPad, laptop, valuables and a handy fob for keys. Finally, the MJP bag has a hidden shoe pocket, which is accessible from the outside and is both retractable and expandable.

Michael commented “I first met Dom when he was Head of Marketing at the Williams F1 Team a few years back. His work in F1 has instilled in him a great attention to detail and a design philosophy that is meticulous and minimal so I knew he’d create a great bag. Personally, I’m a pretty organised person and I really like all the bag’s separate compartments. This bag is ideal for me.”

Dom went on to say, “We are absolutely thrilled to have Michael as a global ambassador for the Dom Reilly brand. He epitomises everything about the type of man that we appeal to. Along with being recognised as one of the best sprinters ever to compete, he is also a successful businessman and an inspiring motivational speaker. This is just the start of what will be a long standing collaboration.”

There are only 100 of these bags.

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