Relax on holiday

on 01/06/2015

Relax on holiday



Over 60% of us work on vacation. Try to unplug altogether but if you can’t, here’s how best to stay productive when you just can’t pull away completely. 

1. If you don’t have to work, don’t! Checking in with the office might make you feel better for a short while but it might also drag you down with extra work. 

2. Set aside specific time to work. Thirty minutes a day is enough. I often chose 5pm. That was a good time for me as it is that time in between the beach and getting ready for dinner. 

3. If you can ….turn your phone off. You will feel anxious for a day or two and then will become totally relaxed and feel a real sense of freedom as well as empowerment. 

4. Use your work time for basic stress free tasks. Just deal with urgent matters and delegate as much as possible. 

Top Tip
Best piece of advice I had was from my wife… 

”Of course you can take your iPhone on holiday.  You just can’t take your charger.” That was magical. It meant I limited myself to 30 minutes a day. As the holiday went by, my battery gradually went flat and I became more and more brutal with what emails I opened and I also became extremely efficient with the phone calls I made. By the final days of my vacation, my battery had gone flat and I was completely relaxed about it by then. Wives can be clever like that! 

So why not pack your Dom Reilly weekender, grab your Dom Reilly passport holder and head away for a relaxing summer break! 


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