Space age materials

on 16/06/2013

Space age materials

The Williams F1 Team use hi-tech aerospace materials in manufacturing their racing cars to make sure they offer as much protection as possible for the driver.  

Most people are aware of the strength of carbon fibre, however, it is a less well-known material, a unique high-density foam, that provides impact absorbing protection for the driver in the event of an accident.   

It is used in the cockpit surround of the team’s cars and is designed to absorb and dissipate any energy involved in an accident should the driver’s crash helmet impact against the cockpit side.It is the damping properties engineered into this foam formulation that provides uncompromising protection capabilities.  

It is the same materials as used by NASA’s space shuttle programme.  In addition, the Royal Air Force specifies this padding for ejection seats due to its energy absorption qualities.  The foam is capable of absorbing up to 97% of the shock energy so when a fighter pilot ejects from an aircraft, his spine is protected from this rapid acceleration energy.

This exact same foam is used exclusively in the Dom Reilly collection of tablet cases, laptop cases and the watch rolls.  This material eliminates destructive shock energy absorbing it internally and offering greater protection to your electronic products.  It also has the added benefit of making the cases feel extra luxurious and soft to the touch. 


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