Lighter, stronger, smarter. Just a few simple words, however, these form the backbone of every product feature. Before something is added to a Dom Reilly product we first ask, “How can we make it lighter, stronger or smarter?”

The Founder of the company, Dominic Reilly, initiates, commissions and signs off every product himself.

Building on his previous role as Head of Marketing within a Formula One team, Dominic has infused the operation with the very culture of the sport: an implacable drive to create the very best.

To help, Patrick Head, the co-founder of the Williams F1 Team and the designer of 16 World Championship -winning Formula One cars, has taken the role of design consultant. Patrick brings a unique expertise to product creation. He has unparalleled experience in finding innovative approaches and solutions to products and problems; as well as a knowledge of, and capability in, the highest realms of engineering and design.

Dominic commissions a range of designers and manufacturers resulting in a combination of experience - gained through working for illustrious brands – alongside Patrick’s clever thinking, to create some truly stunning pieces.

Dom Reilly Clients